The Georgian style Schoolhouse, located in Galway City, is of high historical and conservation interest and architecturally protected. We were tasked to reimagine the home with Helena McElmeel architects.

We wanted to merge the old and new and ensure each space hosted a collection of interesting pieces from different eras, capturing the character and interest of the house. Our colour exploration took its cue from the fraying original stair runner and the inlaid Georgian mosaics in the entrance hallway, contrasting sky blue hues with rich burgundy, terracotta and mustard and murky tones.  The main reception rooms and bedrooms were designed to capture the eclecticism and youth of the family.

The kitchen was designed to be deliberately old fashioned. Although cold and lacking in natural light, there was a character initially that we wanted to retain. The whole design here was to create a timeless kitchen that felt like it could be original.The rear extension area with sunken conversation pit was a favourite of mine to design. I wanted to distinguish this area as a different type of lounge and encourage a different function within it with a different tactility. By creating a structural opening in the kitchen, we could visually connect the kitchen, dining and rear lounge, By sinking the lounge, we kept a clear visual to the garden. Contrasting the existing house, Natural light fills from all aspects.The dining area is the bridge between the old and new, a previous damp,  lean-to extension the new design is  orangery style, abutting the kitchen boundary wall. We designed a sleek and contemporary furniture but kept the original dining chairs, for a raw aesthetic that connects to the sunken lounge and the small courtyard.