Founded in 2010 by award-winning designer Róisín Lafferty, Kingston Lafferty Design quickly made its mark as a respected interior architecture and design agency across Ireland and Europe.

“I would describe our studio as creatively led, always. We look at every project we do as unique, as special, as an opportunity to push the norms and break against preconceived expectations of how design should be. We like to challenge ourselves to create something new for our clients every time, something that excites them, evokes imagination, curiosity and happiness in them. It is extremely important to us that there is depth and authenticity in what we create, the spaces need to awaken emotion and encompass the people who inhabit them. Good design is more than the individual elements, there is a harmony, balance and magic that needs to be achieved in each environment and capture a mood, emotion and atmosphere appealing and connecting all senses. I fully believe that the spaces we occupy seriously impact our experience in the world, how we feel, our perspective, our emotions and ultimately our outlook and behaviour. Homes, especially, are most important, as they are peoples sacred and safe space to fully express themselves. They are the core of people’s lives and have the power to dramatically impact and influence people’s lives. We strive to create spaces that only enhance everyone’s experience of the world and their individual lives. It is a brave ambition, but it is this goal that keeps us invested, excited and challenged as designers.”

Our mission is to create a world where interior design is a valued, respected and pertinent phase of every space and home, through honest, informed designs that deliver truly magical spaces.